Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Sarangan Lake

Kyai  Pasir and Nyai Pasir are the couple who live in mountain forests Lawu. They take shelter in a house (cottage) in a mountainside forest Lawu east. The hut was made of wood and roofed forest foliage. With this very simple huts they have felt very safe and not fear the dangers that befall him, like a wild animal disturbances and so forth. Moreover they have long lived in the forest so that the understanding of the situation surrounding environment and must be able to overcome any interference that might befall him. On one day go into the woods Kyai Pasir something with the intention of planting on his farm, for a living to everyday life. Because the fields to be planted more trees large phon, Kyai Pasir first cut down some large trees one by one. Kyai Pasir suddenly surprised to find a chicken egg is located at the bottom of a tree that was about to cut away. Eggs were subjected to watch it for a moment as he pondered, what the hell was found eggs that. Whereas in the vicinity do not seem the usual animal laying poultry. Not thinking anymore, Kyai Pasir get home combines all the eggs and given to his wife. Kyai  Pasir and Nyai Pasir tells the beginning of the first to find the egg, until he brought home. Finally, both husband and wife agreed that the findings were boiled egg. Once cooked, half cooked eggs earlier by Nyai Pasir given to her husband. Eggs were eaten by Kyai Pasir avidly. Then later went back to the field Kyai Pasir to continue the work of cutting trees and planting.
On the way back to the farm, Kyai Pasir still feel the delicious eggs that had just eaten. But after arriving at the farm, his body feels hot, stiff and painful. Eye dizzy, cold sweat drenched his body out. This pain comes suddenly, so Kyai Pasir unable to withstand the pain and eventually fall to the ground. They are very confused because the whole body stiff and sore absurdly. In these critical circumstances Kyai Pasir rolling on the ground, rolling to and fro violently. Kyai Pasir overwrite Invisibility. His body suddenly transformed into a huge dragon, disgruntled, very scary. Dragon snake rolled to and fro without ceasing. Once, Nyai Pasir who stay at home and also ate a half of a boiled egg before, suddenly suffered the same fate as that experienced by Kyai Pasir. Her whole body became sore, stiff and hot is not playing. Nyai Sand became confused, ran to and fro, not known what to do. Because of that carried this pain eventually fled to the fields Nyai Pasir intends to meet her husband for help. But what meeted. Instead Kyai Pasir, but a dragon is huge and scary. Seeing the great dragon was Nyai Pasir absurdly shocked and scared. But because it bears more severe illness, Nyai Pasir no longer able to survive and fell unto the ground. Nyai Pasir change the same supernatural destiny like that of her husband. Similarly, he collapsed to the ground, his body transformed into a huge dragon, disgruntled, berjampang, long and sharp teeth terrible. Both the dragon is finally rolling to and fro, bergeliat squirmed on the ground field, causing the land where the dragons rolled around it became scattered and concave like a dug-scoop. Basin is increasingly broad and deep, while the great dragon was also more powerful and also rolled abruptly from the basin and the vast land in the big water was sprayed gushing everywhere. In a short time, the basin was filled with water and becoming transformed large pond called Lake. This lake earlier by the local community called Pasir Lake, because the lake is manifested by the act Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir

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  1. keren bangaet danau sarangan ini sob...

  2. rung tau mrunu.
    tapi tau lewat.

  3. mmg indah disarangan apalagi kl kesna dgn pujaan hati