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Magetan History

We all know through history books, or relics of history itself, that the areas in Indonesia in general and including the island of Java, the ancient kingdoms ruled by big and small. This is no exception regarding the area east of Mount Lawu, which we now know as Magetan area.
In Magetan history books already mentioned, that we may not reveal the history Magetan nearby kingdom without raising such issues in power as well as issues VOC or the Dutch Company. Following the events associated with the birth Magetan:
Death of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo in 1645 represents a milestone began receding glory of the kingdom of Mataram. He was very persistent against the VOC, while his successor was Sultan Amangkurat I, which occupied the throne of Mataram kingdom in the year 1646-1677 where his weak against the VOC or the Dutch Company.
In 1646 Sultan Amangkurat I entered into an agreement with the VOC, so the VOC can strengthen ourselves because it is free of Mataram attacks, even the influence of VOC can freely enter Mataram. Mataram kingdom became weaker, the shipping trade is restricted not be allowed to cruise to the island of Banda, Ambon and Ternate. These events caused the growth of a negative response to the Sultan Amangkurat I in the palace, especially the opposition, including his own son Adipati Anom  that is a later title of Amangkurat II. The events in the central government is always followed by a region Mataram Abroad, so the Pangeran Giri highly influential in the northern coastal areas of Java island began getting ready to break away from the power of Mataram. In those days a prince of Madura named Trunojoyo very disappointed at his uncle named Pangeran Cakraningrat II because they too ignore the Madura and just have fun at the central government of Mataram. Trunojoyo launched a rebellion against Mataram in 1674.

In such an atmosphere relatives Mataram palace called Basah Bibit or Basah Gondokusumo and Mataram duke named Pangeran Nrang Kusumo accused clerics allied with the opposition and against the wisdom of the Sultan Amangkurat I. Above allegations Basah Gondokusumo exiled to Gedong Kuning Semarang for 40 days his grandfather's residence place called Basah Suryaningrat. Pangeran Nrang Kusumo resigned and went into the eastern ascetic mountain Lawu. He was replaced by a younger brother named Pangeran Nrang Boyo II. Both are sons of the Pangeran Nrang Boyo (Kanjeng Gusti Mataram Susuhunan Giri IV).
In exile the Basah Gondokusumo gets advice from his grandfather, the Basah Suryaningrat and then both he withdrew to the east mountain area Lawu. He alone chose this place because it received the news that in the east of the mountain forest chronicle Lawu is being held. Chronicle of forests was carried out by a man named Ki Buyut Suro, who then holds Ki Ageng Getas. The implementation of this forest chronicle on the basis of Ki Ageng Mageti command as the embryo of the area.
To get a piece of land to settle on the east mountain Lawu it, Basah Suryaningrat and Basah Gondokusumo meet  Ki Ageng Mageti at the hamlet of residence gandong Kidul (South gandong), place around the town square by means of Ki Ageng Magetan Getas. The results of this meeting was given Basah  Suryaningrat a piece of land to the north river gandong, precisely in the village district Tambran Magetan city now. This incident occurred after a heated debate between Ki Ageng Mageti with Basah Suryaningrat. Through this debate Ki Ageng Wet Suryaningrat Mageti know that not only the relatives of the palace of Mataram, Mataram but the elders who need shelter. Because it finally Ki Ageng Mageti dedicate all his property as evidence of his loyalty to Mataram. After Basah Suryaningrat receive offerings of Ki Ageng Mageti at once inaugurated the Basah Gondokusumo grandson became ruler in the new place with a degree Yosonegoro which became known as the Bupati Yosonegoro. This incident occurred on October 12, 1675.
Graduation Bupati Yosonegoro by Basah Suryoningrat with the capitulation of a keris. Graduation celebration party took place in a simple regent. Thanksgiving is marked by the cutting cone by Basah Suryoningrat given to Yosonegoro and attended by local people. government area is called Magetan, because the event is the occurrence of this Magetan district for providing the land of Ki Ageng Mageti the new area was named the City Mageti, having the addition of "an" becomes Magetian, eventually changed its name to Magetan until now.

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